Meet Our Team

James Malcolm

CEO, Investor

Jim is the founder of AccuMap, a company that revolutionized the Canadian oil and gas industry. AccuMap enabled geologists, engineers, and land personnel to do in 20 minutes what used to take six weeks. Jim received recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year and City Businessman of the Year while AccuMap itself was twice a finalist for Alberta’s Science and Technology Awards.

Brad Malcolm

President & Purveyor of 'loud' shirts

Brad began his life in the business world early. At age 19, while attending university, Brad started a business that had annual revenue of over $100,000 in its second year. After obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Brad went on to complete his Chartered Accountant designation and spent several years in the corporate tax planning department of a major international Chartered Accounting firm. After this, Brad left to help manage various private and public Canadian and International companies, which brought him to his current position with Athentech in 2001.

Brian G. James

Scientist, Physicist, Greek Historian Buff

After receiving his B.Sc. (Honors Physics) at Simon Fraser University, Brian gained significant experience in oil field seismology with Chevron with particular emphasis on signal processing, numerical methodologies, time series analysis and the convolutional model. As an inventor, Brian has been awarded several patents. The focus for all of them is on signal processing corrections that are scientifically valid. It is not enough for the math to be internally consistent. It must also adhere to the facts and findings of science so that the correction represents what would have been recorded with a non-existent superior recording instrument. This constraint first removes much of the guesswork and prevents errors that come from trying to find a “good enough” compromise adjustment. It also produces remarkably attractive, realistic results. Brian has an enduring fascination with the “ancient civilization” (Greece and Rome). His interests include ancient history, mythology, philosophy and engineering. The name “Athentech” came from merging the Greek Goddess of Wisdom’s name “Athena” with the word “technology”. So Athentech means “wise technology”.

Samuel Lau, P.Eng.

VP, Research & Development, Classical Music Fan

Samuel has developed a passion for science and math since childhood. Because of his love for classical mechanics, he first pursued his engineering education in the University of Alberta. After he obtained the degree with distinction in Civil Engineering, he went on to pursue his degree in Computer Science. During this period, Samuel found computer graphics fascinating because it is a combination of math and art. He took graduate level courses in computer graphics. One of his projects – Particle System, was later adopted into the OpenGL library. Samuel joined Athentech Technologies Inc. in 2001. In his spare time, Samuel enjoys classical music, fine arts, jigsaw puzzles and radio control models. He also loves planting organic produce and plans on building his fully automated organic farm this summer.

Anton Maslov

Physicist, Lead Application Developer, “Mad”, er, Happy Scientist#2

After obtaining his university degree in Physics and Mathematics, Anton worked for few years as an academic researcher, specializing in nonlinear optics and laser physics. During this period, Anton first appreciated the power and beauty of computer modeling for solving complex scientific and engineering problems, then decided to pursue his career in software development. For over 15 years, Anton has been working as a developer, project manager, and a leader of large-scale development projects ranging from core imaging technology to consumer photography applications. He has developed expertise in most major programming languages and platforms, as well as a variety of modern image processing techniques and algorithms. Anton enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and spending time with his family in a river cottage he is building with his own hands.

Jeff Stephens

VP Engineering, Technology Geek

Jeff has been in product development and technology since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Mechanical Engineering degree.  He started in hardware development for Dell, Inc, but always was interested in software and web development as well.  He spent a couple years in the San Francisco Bay Area in the enterprise SaaS field, but has spent most of his professional career in Austin.  Jeff has been an avid photographer since elementary school and re-kindled this hobby in 2004 with his first dSLR and then later merged his photographic and software interested when he joined Bibble Labs, developing the world’s fastest RAW file converter and workflow applications. Jeff spends as much time as possible fly-fishing on the Texas coast, and spent a few weeks in 2012 on a solo tour of the Western US on a motorcycle.

Andrey Gordiychuk

Product Quality Wizard
An Optical and Electronic Engineering graduate, he began his professional career with the development of astronomical image processing algorithms and brings more than 25 years of technical experience in image processing to Athentech. Andrey is a long-term member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Association, and now joins the Athentech team.  In his prior role, he was directly involved in, and managed the technical analytics, development and quality assurance of image processing technologies and end–user products published worldwide since 1991. In his spare time, Andrey enjoys walking, hiking , jogging, reading, swimming, and traveling to different places around the world.

Yelena Sholokhova

Technical Product & Color Manager, Imaging Pipeline
Yelena graduated from Stony Brook University with a Ph.D. in Computational Applied Mathematics with her thesis focused on the image analysis in the field of the oil industry. After graduation Yelena spent a few years in academia, doing research at Lawrence Livermore National Lab working on computer simulations to make geochemical long-term predictions.  Afterwards, Yelena gained significant industry experience and built a successful track record prototyping and implementing algorithms for a variety of applications from surface geochemistry to optimization problems to industrial and consumer imaging devices. She discovered imaging applications are needed and provide a great help unveiling answers to many aspects of life. In her spare time, Yelena likes to play with her dog and take long walks on the beach, play ping pong and arrange Wine & Paint nights with her friends. “

Ziv Gillat

VP, Strategic Partnerships & Mobile

Seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in business development, marketing, product, and sales – focused on early stage start-ups and ranging to established companies with a deep understanding of consumer, photo, cloud and retail markets. Proven track record of starting and developing businesses from the ground up, and taking them to global distribution and sales, generating revenue via mass retail sales channels.

Applied traditional and leading-edge experiential marketing techniques to grow an engaged user base from 0 to commercial success, with an extremely high monthly active user base (MAU). Savvy at fundraising from angel and venture funds, and utilizing capital efficiently to grow and scale businesses. Extremely versed in all aspects of strategic partnerships, from inception through deal-flow, to execution.

Tracy Cook

VP Customer Acquisition

High-energy marketing communications professional with substantial experience in e-commerce, product and event marketing. Proven ability to produce large-scale strategic results while maximizing procedures and consistently reducing expenditures. Technologically advanced with a strong aptitude for marketing, graphic design, and copywriting. Tracy is an Autism parent and involved with many community activities with regard to the research. She’s against cybercrime and often gives talks to families with small children. On her spare time, she loves spending time outdoors with her family, eating sushi, and cuddling up with her pup Rufus. 

Patricia Peticolas

Customer Engagement Manager

With a background in editorial photography both in sales and photo editing, Patricia is well positioned to help customers get the most out of Perfectly Clear imaging solutions. She also is an artist working mainly in photography, printing her own images. Based in Brooklyn, she spends her leisure time gardening, cycling and dancing the styles of West African dance.

Kristie Overland

Office Manager

Hailing from the West Coast and having resided in Calgary for over a decade, Kristie comes from Oil and Gas background and is looking to take on new challenges in this role. She is an enthusiastic team player who goes above and beyond. In her free time, Kristie enjoys spending time with her 2 young kids, summers at the lake wakesurfing and setting and crushing goals at the gym. 

“To do GREAT work, Is to LOVE what you do.”

Jasmine Escobar

Design & Image Specialist, Coffee Fanatic

Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Jasmine is a 2009 graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Petroleum Land Administration. In 2010, she transferred to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a 10-month internship of hands-on ministry. Now she is beginning a new journey as the Social Media Strategist for Athentech. In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys meeting new people, engaging through social media, thriving in her Faith, taking photographs, playing piano, learning different cultures, and traveling. She speaks English, Spanish, and is currently learning Italian and Portuguese (Brazilian). She continues her quest to learn new things and build strong relationships by traveling to many different parts of Central America and the USA (Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic). Seeking to make the world a better place by doing missions and humanitarian work.

Sarah Lefebvre

Social Media Guru

Originally from Connecticut and now residing in South Carolina, Sarah is a recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in English. During college, she balanced her studies with part-time jobs and marketing internships. Sarah has been reading and writing in her spare time ever since she could remember, and now gets to translate that into her everyday work. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, relaxing on the beach, and trying out new restaurants.


Office Manager & Pack Leader of the Bark Squad

Rufus joined in 2017. He is the company mascot that enjoys barking commands,  eating lots of treats, and getting lots of love. Rufus keeps everyone in their place and makes sure that the team are on their toes. He inspires to bring joy to everyone who he gets in contact with. 


Office Manager & Pack Leader of the Bark Squad

Pixel just joined Athentech in 2017. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to help raise a service dog with Southeastern Guide dogs  Pixel is still with her volunteer puppy raiser, and they are continuing to work on basic obedience and house manners.  Pixel loves taking long walks, jumping in the pool, treats, and car rides.