The Power of Presets

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The Power of Presets

Perfectly Clear provides an amazing amount of automatic image correction technology – all packaged into a few different Presets to let you tune how you want your images to look.  To apply these presets to your image, just click a button in the top Presets bar, the left Presets panel, or select a Preset in the bottom-right status bar.

Perfectly Clear comes with several different Preset Groups, each designed for a specific type of photography or correction set.

Perfectly Clear Essentials

These presets are perfect for general photography adjustments.  These are the default presets that are loaded when you launch Perfectly Clear.



Perfect Eyes

Use these presets to enhance the eyes of your subject. They’re perfect for instantly removing dark circles and red-eye, adding catchlights, sharpening details, enhancing the eyes and even removing squinting.


Perfect Skin

Make skin look its best with Perfect Skin presets.  These will give you beautiful, natural-looking skin. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to perfect their portraits by smoothing skin, reducing shine and blemishes, and adding a tan or lighter complexion. It even lets you whiten your teeth and add blush to your cheeks.



Perfect Details

A collection of presets designed for adding depth and sharpness to your images while removing noise. Our patented science automatically reveals the subtle details hidden in every image.

04 Details

Perfect Color

These presets are perfect for bringing your images to life with rich, vibrant color. Our patented science automatically reveals the great colors that were there when you captured the photo.

05 Color

Perfect Exposure

These presets come to the rescue when the camera didn’t quite get exposure right, Our patented science automatically solves the most common exposure problems by quickly fixing dark photos, adding light to your images, and removing unwanted noise.

06 Exposure