Face Corrections

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Face Corrections

The Beautify corrections in the Face, Skin and Eyes sections individually apply specific corrections tuned to each face found in your photos.  First, the photo is analyzed to determine the gender, race, age and other characteristics of each face.  Then, the various correction parameters are tuned individually for each face.  For example, in a portrait of a man and a woman, the ‘50’ value on the Eye Enhance could apply a stronger correction to the woman than to the man.  Moving each Beautify slider up or down will then apply proportionally more or less correction individually to each face.

Face Contouring

For those times when a slimmer, natural looking face is desired.  The correction is made naturally, so the final image does not look overly manipulated and the content and detail around the face is preserved.

17 Countouring

Teeth Whitening

Whitens  teeth naturally without the painful need to see the dentist. It automatically finds teeth in the photograph and applies just the right amount of whitening to make teeth brighter without looking artificial.

18 Teeth

Lip Sharpening

This correction focuses just on lips - providing a crisp, sharp look.  This can add extra details to a portrait.

19 Lips