Eyes Corrections

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Eyes Corrections

The Beautify corrections in the Face, Skin and Eyes sections individually apply specific corrections tuned to each face found in your photos.  First, the photo is analyzed to determine the gender, race, age and other characteristics of each face.  Then, the various correction parameters are tuned individually for each face.  For example, in a portrait of a man and a woman, the ‘50’ value on the Eye Enhance could apply a stronger correction to the woman than to the man.  Moving each Beautify slider up or down will then apply proportionally more or less correction individually to each face.

Auto Red-Eye Reduction


Athentech has teamed up with FotoNation (Tessera Technologies) to include their patented technology as part of the Perfectly Clear image correction suite. Using advanced recognition techniques, the presence of red-eye is automatically detected and removed. The technology is so sophisticated that it carefully retains those important glints and sparkles in the subjects’ eyes.

Note: To reduce the occurrence of improper Red Eye corrections, Perfectly Clear will skip Red Eye detection and correction on images with EXIF metadata that indicates that a flash was not fired when the image was taken.

13 Redeye

Eye Enhancement

Eye Enhancement will brighten and sharpen eyes in your photographs without distorting any other aspects of the photo.

14 Eye Enhance

Eye Enlargement

Use this correction to enlarge one’s eyes in a realistic manner. This unique technique is great at automatically finding and adjusting eyes without distorting any other aspects of the photo.

15 Eye Enlargement

Dark Circle Removal

Freshens tired eyes.  Retouching the dark circles that appear underneath the eyes requires high precision for distinguishing the actual circles for other natural details present around the eyes.  Our solution handles this task flawlessly, reducing the dark circles but at the same time preserving the fine details of the eyes.

16 Dark Circles


Add sparkle to your eyes, automatically.  By default we’re adding what’s called an “Umbrella” pattern, but you can pick from several other options. These create the reflected pattern in the subject’s pupil. If the results do not show as desired, make adjustments with the Face Selection controls.