Details Corrections

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Details Corrections


Perfectly Clear’s proprietary sharpening is a series of very powerful and unique algorithms developed to deliver a crisp looking photo.

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Noise Correction

Our noise engine is the fastest and most effective on the market for removing high and low ISO noise in photographs. It is the first photo noise reduction algorithm that allows for fully automatic operation, by first analyzing the photo to determine if noise exists, and then applying the proper amount of noise removal.

The algorithm includes modules of noise detection, noise analysis and noise filtration which are statistically trained to provide optimal balance between photo noise reduction and preservation of image details. Unlike other noise removal algorithms that blur photos after removing noise, our algorithm is unique in preserving the crisp details.

The noise in digital photos is reduced by 2 - 3 stops, so that the noise level of the photo shot at ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200 - 400 levels.

When noise removal is turned ON, there are five presets to choose:

1.Default – a robust, powerful setting for most  camera corrections.

2.Camera Phone – a special engine has been added in to correct the grainy quality of most camera phone pictures.

3.Night Scene - The night setting is optimized for shots where dark areas of the image are mixed with illuminated and potentially detail intensive areas. We find that the lower frequency noise is the biggest (and solvable) concern for these types of shots with potential noise blotches and color banding.

4.Portrait - The emphasis is to retain the structural and natural color composition but remove larger noise artifacts and blemishes while avoiding the over-processed, plastic look.

5.Strongest – This forces the maximum amount noise reduction

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