Perfecting your product boosts your business

Perfectly Clear API - Licensing

Our image correction science improves 26 million prints per day.

Perfectly Clear API - Licensing

incorporating our science into your products gives you a competitive edge by delivering superior image quality your customers will notice.

Perfecting 26 million prints every day.

What makes Perfectly Clear the preferred image correction software used by photo processors, retailers, online sites, software companies, and publishing houses? We improve your product with patented processes that create images so impressive, they inspire your customers to share more, print more, and bring their business back to you. Our technology can be incorporated into:
• Telephones
• Tablets
• Kiosks
• Mini Labs
• Online Solutions
• End User Software
• Gift Album Creation "software"
• Large Labs
• Newspapers

Embedded in over 100,000 kiosks in 30+ countries around the world

Our award-winning software is the technology of choice for companies committed to deliver the highest-quality product for their customers.

The science of making perfection look effortless.

A Perfectly Clear correction always delivers the three requirements for a perfect picture: perfect colors, perfect exposure and preservation of the color nuances and details. It achieves this by replacing the correct missing eye function a camera lacks and overcoming the 15 ways it can distort your photos.
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All of these corrections are applied automatically with one click of a button. Browse the galleries below to see how each correction perfects your photos. View All Galleries

Our licensees agree—Perfectly Clear is easy to use and fast to implement.

“What used to take 175 hours of tedious manual editing we can now accomplish in less than 48 hours…that’s a time savings on over 3.5 times!”
- Patrick Gray, Cashman Photo, Las Vegas
“Perfectly Clear has enabled us to deliver very consistent quality across all our products at what we consider a very competitive cost. A high-quality product is essential to deliver and exceed customer expectations and Perfectly Clear is easy to adapt into our various services.”
- Marco Perlman, Digipix, Brazil
“We tried many ways to correct images within our workflow and we selected Perfectly Clear as the best technology to implement in our product. The technology is easy to implement and very reliable, and our customers are happy with the new feature.”
- James Grey, Taopix, Worldwide
“In many countries, photo shops manually correct any jpeg image file before printing it. But if the consumer doesn‘t order any pictures, the lab has nothing to correct. The conclusion is simple: You must show a corrected picture first to motivate the consumer to order prints.”
- Jacek Bator, River Co., Europe
“The PerfectlyClear API is so simple it barely needs documentation. Exactly as it should be! “
- Gerry Beauregard. Muvee
“We choose to use Perfectly Clear for 2 reasons: 1) image quality: We spent considerable time comparing the corrections of Perfectly Clear to other solutions on the market, and we decided on the excellent quality of Perfectly Clear. 2) Support. Athentech has been very responsive and fast to support us in our operations and also to continually invent new ideas for our Japanese market.”
- Hideyuki Ohnishi, Operations Manager, Labo Network (Kitamura ), Japan
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