Technology Preview #2: LOOKs Come to Perfectly Clear Complete V3

We’re super excited to tell you more about Perfectly Clear Complete Version 3 (did you miss our first update?).  We’ve been hard at working adding new features plus your requests. Though we’re still hard at work making the final touches, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the improvements to come. Today’s reveal is super exciting as it lets you do something all-new in our software.

Introducing LOOKs

What’s a LOOK? It’s a great way to easily enhance your corrected image.  We’re teaming up with top photographers and designers to add incredible one-click styles and film stocks to our application.  Rather than have baked-in presets though, we give you a simple to use control to refine the look.

With Version 3 we’ll offer an expandable library of professionally designed image styles.  These will offer LOOKs designed for landscape, commercial, street, portrait, and wedding photography.  We’ll also roll out bonus LOOKs from time-to-time and have extra bundles available for purchase from some our top users and photographers around the world.


How do they work?

Our LOOKs are based on amazing technology called Lookup Tables (or LUTs).  These make it possible to simulate the properties of film stocks, create stylized color palettes, or even unlock black and white workflows.

Applying a LOOK is easy, and they work independent of corrections.  This means that you can still use Perfectly Clear Complete to get the right color and exposure for your image, but then apply a style or LOOK easily.  

In the control stack you’ll find LOOKs.  Here a large library of presets will be available.  Just click to choose the desired category and choose the LOOK you want.  If you need to tweak the LOOK, you’ll find an easy to use strength slider that ranges from 0% to 200% for quick refinement.  

Now you can get the perfect LOOK, the perfect style, and the perfect film stock to go with your perfect image.


What’s next?

This is our second technology preview. In the coming weeks, we’ll give you several more so you can find out even more about Perfectly Clear Version 3.  We expect that Perfectly Clear Complete Version 3 will work with Photoshop CS6 and Newer, Lightroom 5 and newer, and Photoshop Elements 11 and newer.  The software is expected to ship for public beta testing before the end of the year.

Get it first

We hope you’ll be excited as we are.  In fact, you can reserve your place in line now.
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Note: Perfectly Clear Complete Version 3 is still under development and final features may change.