Wow, you took that photo with a phone?

Introducing Perfectly Clear 2.6 App for Android—an unprecedented expansion of phone camera capabilities.



(Patented process applies all corrections at once, automatically)

Panorama, HDR, Face Detection, Blink and Smile Detection Perfectly Smooth, Eye Enhance, Eye Enlarge, Teeth Whitening features powered by:

Perfectly Clear App for Android

Version 2.6
For the first time in a single app, we’ve combined powerful capture options like HDR, panorama, burst and face detection with our award-winning suite of intelligent corrections, taking smartphone photography to a new level.

Powerful features in your pocket.

Advanced panorama, blazingly fast burst, single-tap HDR and advanced face detection give you pro-level capture ability without the expensive, complicated, and bulky gear. Plus, now you can easily separate your focus and exposure points to ensure the perfect photo for all types of scenes.

12 patented corrections in a single tap.

With Perfectly Clear’s intelligent image correction, your photos get professional photo correction in seconds. Perfectly Clear takes the limits off your mobile device so you get a true photograph with a simple tap of the button… just like you saw with your eyes.

Making it easy to look your best.

Drawing on 10 years of research and development, we created advanced algorithms that help you take the optimal shot. Perfectly Clear can detect faces, open eyes, and smiles, while the Beautify setting brightens eyes, evens skin tone, even whitens teeth—all automatically!

Incredibly easy-to-use interface that’s clean, simple and fun.

Just point, shoot, and let Perfectly Clear do the rest.

More wow, less waiting, low cost

Unlike expensive cameras that take up to 10 seconds to process HDR or panorama, our superfast app takes only a few seconds to process complex features—yet you get amazing results.

Make your Amazon Cloud Drive photos look their best with a single tap

Now you can open your photos from Amazon Cloud Drive, correct them in seconds using Perfectly Clear's mobile app,then save them back to the Amazon Cloud drive.

Sophisticated features you’d expect from an expensive pro camera.

Perfectly Clear includes an impressive range of powerful features, including a stabilizer, manual focus mode, gridlines, timer, and powerful horizon and tilt indicators, and more.


Perfectly Clear gives you best-in-class tone mapping to keep colors realistic. A vivid HDR look is coupled with unmatched de-ghosting to produce perfect pictures even when your subject moves. Choose from either the Realistic or Artistic HDR mode.


When you use Portrait mode, Perfectly Clear automatically takes photos at the optimal time. Our face detection has the highest overall detection rate of any technology in the market, coupled with the best coverage of face angles (in plane, out of plane) and the biggest distance to subject detection in real time.

See The Proof

All of these corrections are applied automatically with one click of a button. Browse the galleries below to see how each correction perfects your photos. View All Galleries

We’re getting rave reviews and compliments from our customers

“A really, really nice easy way to tidy up your smartphone pictures”
- AndroidCentral
“If you've taken photos with your Android phone and wished you could spruce them up a little before uploading them to the web, you have plenty of options, but Perfectly Clear makes the process incredibly simple. Just tap the type of correction you want to apply to your photo, preview the effect, and apply it!”
- Lifehacker
“Spectacular! One of the best apps for Android in photography. Recommended.”
- Filippo
“Love it! Fixed things I didn't even know was wrong with some of my pictures. Excellent work here, worth every penny.”
- Paul
"Wonderful work which I have not come across in any other photo editing application. Your camera may not take good clear photos, but using this app u can make any photo a brilliant colorful and a clear photo. Thank you for this beautiful application."
- Dinesh Kumar Soni
"What are you waiting for? If you need any better photos, then it’s time for a high end DSLR camera. For everything else, here is your solution."
-Danilo Metzger
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