Photographing Women Beautifully with Matthew Jordan Smith



This Month: Photographing Women Beautifully with Matthew Jordan Smith

Making portraits is the most important work we do as photographers, and we often need to help our subjects look and feel beautiful. We make history every time we press the shutter, and our subjects deserve to look great for posterity. Whether we’re photographing brides, mothers, sisters, or friends, 50% of the population are women, and there’s no one better to teach us how to help women look their best in a photo than Matthew Jordan Smith.

Matthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned portraitist who’s work is published in magazines, books, and homes around across the globe. His success comes not only from his photographic technique but also from skill helping people feel comfortable and at ease in front of his camera. In this webinar, we’ll pick Matthew’s brain about all kinds of skills from making and finding great light to working with people live to finishing photographs beautifully. You’re sure to learn all kinds of skills to employ in your photography.

Not only has Matthew worked for some of the largest publications in the world, he has also published his own project called, “Future American President,”, and you can read more about that marvelous book here.