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Lightroom Hangout: Modern Sports Portraits with Vanelli


There are so many opportunities for making sports portraits, today, from little league teams to school sports, from semi-pros to your brother who loves to ride bikes. Making pictures that stand out is both fun and profitable, and this hangout will give you an edge at making more impact with your portraits. Robert Vanelli is one of […]

We want you to use our best plug-ins!

Perfectly Clear Complete

From time to time we hear from our customers that they aren’t sure which version of Perfectly Clear they own.  We’ve also know that not everyone who’s qualified for free or discounted upgrades has taken advantage of them.  This article will help you know which version of Perfectly Clear you have and how to get upgraded […]

Lightroom Hangout: Lies Cameras Tell Part II

Lightroom hangout_Liescameratell

Did you know that your camera inherently fouls up your pictures? You know about a few obvious things like lens distortion, but did you know about infrared and the terrible things it does to colors? Yeah, me neither. That’s why I’m glad Jeff Stephens from Athentech Imaging is joining us this month. He’s going to […]

What’s Unique About Perfect Skin

African American Student

With the release of Perfect Skin, we’ve included access to improvements into how we work with portraits.  While the core adjustments of Perfect Skin can be found in Perfectly Clear Complete, we do have a few adjustments that are unique to this specialized plug-in. Remember, as a Perfectly Clear Complete customer you have access to […]

Webinar: Underwater Portraiture with Erika Thornes


Making pictures underwater is like photographing on an alien planet. The very laws of physics controlling light, color, and movement are different and they’re stacked against you when you’re trying to make pictures. Fortunately, we’ve got Erika Thornes on the show and she’s like an astronaut who will show us how to work underwater with […]

Lightroom Hangout: Fine Art Flowers with Anne Belmont


   Some of the most beautiful objects in the world are flowers. They are naturally fine art, and we can learn so much from them about composition and color. Every photographer has made flower pictures and gotten excited when it turned out well. Anne Belmont has made a career of photographing these marvelous gems, and […]

Introducing Perfect Skin, the newest plug-in from Perfectly Clear!

African American Student

We’re excited to announce we’ve just launched the latest addition to our line of photo editing software— Perfect Skin for Photoshop and Lightroom. This time-saving plug-in includes sixteen presets and precise controls that let you quickly improve skin tones, remove blemishes, contour faces and whiten teeth. Here are a few of the skin presets: Intelligent […]

Professional Retouching: Principles & Practices with Kristina Sherk


Portraits are not only the most important pictures you make, but they can also be the most profitable. As such, portraits deserve your best effort at a perfect finish, and this webinar will help you learn the principles and best methods for helping people look their best in pictures. Kristina Sherk ( joins us this […]

The Big Deal has begun! Get the largest online photography bundle for only $99.


What’s The Big Deal you ask? It’s the best in education, presets and resources from top trainers like Joe McNally, Scott Bourne, Richard Harrington, Peter Hurley, Matt Kloskowski, Renee Robyn, Corey Barker, Kristi Sherk and many more. Plus, this year, The Big Deal also includes powerful software from Perfectly Clear, Photo Mechanic 5, Particle Shop, Topaz Clarity. Add it all […]

Lightroom Hangout: Backups and Updates


It’s summer, and there’s no doubt you’ll be making a lot of photographs. Whether it’s family reunions or wedding clients, Lightroom can help you manage your pictures. The new updates offer some terrific tools. Mark Fuccio joins as our especial guest to help us backup our photos and preserve our pictures from inevitable drive failures. […]