Let’s be Perfectly Clear.

Everyone has a dream. In case it wasn’t obvious, at Athentech we’re crazy about image correction. We want to see great-looking photos in the hands of everyone in the world – from high-volume lab customers, to professional photographers, to parents with point-and-shoot cameras. Our award-winning product line has something incredible for everyone - at every price point.

Oh, cameras. They can be our best friend and our worst enemy. But don’t be too hard on them, it’s not their fault they’re not as smart as the human eye. That’s where we come in.

A market leader in intelligent image correction technology, Perfectly Clear powers software on 15 million computers, 20 million mobile devices, 100,000 kiosks, thousands of mini-labs, and countless websites to intelligently process billions of photos every year. Not too shabby! We worked hard to get there, though. 14 years of R&D, 20 unique algorithms and multiple patented processes have gone into our award-winning technology that never masks or saturates an image. Perfectly Clear captures life unfiltered.


Lucid Desktop

Just because you’re not a pro photographer doesn’t mean you should have to settle for lackluster photos. That’s the premise behind our latest product that debuted in Autumn 2015 due to popular demand. Lucid is our first standalone app for Windows and Mac OS desktop users. Lucid’s fun, simple user interface applies our same award-winning technology offered in our pro apps for anyone who wants great pictures without a lot of work.

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20 corrections with just one little click? Talk about instant gratification. Perfectly Clear’s Plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom accelerate the editing process immediately – eliminating hours of painstaking work. Professionals and hobby photographers use our Plugins as Step One in their workflow. And more often than not, Step One is all that’s required. Learn More

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Lucid iOS

For many people on the go, smartphones have replaced digital cameras as the photo capture device of choice. But even the slickest smartphones have their limitations. Lucid iOS bundles the top fixes for the selfie set into a robust, intuitive interface for one-tap perfection. Now, those savvy iShutterbugs can perfect it fast and post it first!


The Perfectly Clear mobile app puts DSLR features in the palms of Android users. Version 4 offers Next Generation Beautify, Red-eye Removal, new user-friendly interface with a powerful photo browser and Quick Correct mode, significantly faster processing, new capture capabilities leveraging the innovations in Lollipop, and the ability to open and save photos using Amazon Cloud Drive. Learn More

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