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You don’t have to be a serious photographer, own an expensive camera or spend hours editing to get great photos. LUCiD is stand-alone desktop software that makes it easy for lifestyle photography enthusiasts to improve every picture.

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When you need to capture the most important memories in your life — from family reunions and vacations to graduations and weddings— LUCiD can help you preserve the magic of the moment. It automatically applies up to 18 image corrections at once, accurately revealing the colors and light you saw when you took the photo.

  • 8 one touch presets for magical enhancements to make your photos look their best
  • 12 sliders for individual fine tuning
  • Batch Processing
  • Supports jpeg, tiff, png
  • System requirements

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Original Image
Modified Image


Whether you’re standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon or hiking to the top of Half Dome, taking home the majesty of the landscape is little bit easier with this easy preset. It taps into the same award-winning science chosen by labs and pro photographers.


Never mind the blemishes. Don’t sweat the imperfections. Our Beautify preset gives you 10 ways to improve every selfie in seconds, restoring the natural luminosity most cameras can’t capture.

Fix Dark

After years of scientific research, we created a correction that helps you target light imbalance and bring out the subtle details you saw when you took the photo.

Beautify +

Don’t let the limitations of your camera’s lens ruin a perfectly good portrait. Our Facial Contouring adjustment applies mathematical corrections to restore the facial silhouette.


From the tiniest freckles on your child’s face to the subtlest textures in a wedding dress, LUCiD captures every detail that matters most.


Remember those brilliant reds and yellows, those deep blues and greens that inspired you to take the photo in the first place? LUCiD does. With the Vivid preset, it can make the entire spectrum of hues look rich and natural.

Fix Noise

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice details just to get rid of the noise. With LUCiD, you won’t have t. It was designed to detect and remove noise and preserve what’s important.

Fix Tint

To get rid of unflattering tints—from tungsten, fluorescent, incandescent, IR—LUCiD’s Fix Tint preset identifies the abnormal tint, then reveals the great photo underneath.