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You don’t have to be a pro photographer, own an expensive camera or spend hours editing to get great photos. LUCiD is an easy to use desktop application that makes your pictures look as perfect as the moment – in no time flat.

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Meet LUCiD for iOS

LUCiD was designed to help every photo look its best without the work. We all want great-looking photos, a chance to capture a memory and share it with others. But sometimes your smartphone doesn’t quite get the job done. LUCiD lets you improve photos in an instant while you’re on the go and share those perfect moments with friends faster than ever.


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How is the Desktop App different from the iOS App?

LUCiD iOS and LUCiD for computers use the same patented Perfectly Clear technology and the same Beautify technology – so no matter where you use LUCiD, you’ll get amazing results. The iOS app is designed to be fast and fun to use on iPhones and iPads, while LUCiD Desktop runs on Macs, Windows PC’s and Windows 2-in-1 devices like the Microsoft Surface.

How is LUCiD different from photo enhancers and filters?

Our technology automatically applies up to 18 image corrections at once. It never masks or saturates anything. It simply highlights the beauty that was always there, reveal photos that accurately capture the colors and light you saw when you snapped the shot.

Can LUCiD Desktop improve photos taken on a smartphone?

Yes. Regardless of whether your photo was taken on a DSLR or iPhone, LUCiD offers up to 18 automatic corrections that can improve the look of your photo.

Can LUCiD help me rescue photos that were taken with bad lighting conditions?

Yes. The Fix Dark preset is the fastest, easiest way to improve photos taken without a flash in a setting with low light. Just one tap and your photo is fixed.

What is LUCiD and Who is it for?

LUCiD is our stand-alone software designed for lifestyle photography enthusiasts who want all their photos to look their best without a lot of work.  LUCiD works magic on all types of photos – family vacation, portraits, selfies – and all other special moments in between. Compatible with Windows and Mac.

How is LUCiD different from Photos for OS X?

LUCiD is the best, fastest way to auto-correct your photos. It’s the only app that will analyze each face in each photo to provide corrections tuned for the age, gender and skin tones found in the photo. By contrast, the Photos app from Apple allows you to browse your photos, apply filters, and manually adjust a few editing parameters.