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Q: How to activate LAB with auto-renewal subscriptions


The easiest way to ensure that your LAB system says running 24/7/365 is to ensure that you have activated LAB with a Subscription Reference number – this was provided to you along with your license key when you purchased your LAB subscription.

If you purchased LAB from the ‘Buy’ button within LAB itself, then this was automatically handled for you.

If you purchased directly from our website, then you’ll need to manually enter BOTH the license and subscription reference number in the Activation form:

Once properly activated, you can verify this by opening the ‘License’ screen:

Ensure the Subscription Reference number in that view matches what was sent to you when you purchased.  This reference number always starts with ATH and ends in an S.

If you do not properly have a subscription reference setup in your copy of Perfectly Clear LAB, then you will see this warning message:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.29.47 PM

Simply click on that message to add your Subscription Reference number.

If you ever need to change your license number or subscription reference number, you can simply deactivate your LAB system (from the System -> License screen) and then re-activate with the new information.


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