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What used to be called Color Vibrancy in our V2-based products is now referred to as Color Restore.  This was done to allow us to create a new Color Vibrancy correction – using that familiar name to refer to a more standard “vibrancy” adjustment. In our SDK, the parameters for Color Restore are the same as […]

Short answer: 1024×768 will produce consistent and great images across ALL of the technology : Perfectly Clear corrections, Face Detection, Beautify and Red-eye. Long Answer: It’s possible to use a smaller image size, but the risk is inconsistent results. For example, if you used a really small photo in 1 application, and a larger one […]

Assumptions: One million photos per day, steady-state demand, spread evenly over a 24 hour period. That implies 42k photos per hour. Average image size is 10 megapixels. Applying Core (excluding noise removal) + Beautify corrections using the Perfectly Clear SDK. Note: Applying our Core corrections only will be approximately 15% processing faster. Basing performance off […]

In this tutorial you will learn how to create custom presets, and export to SDK. Thanks for watching!

Of course! Here’s a step-by-step description of how to export presets from V2, then import them into V3.

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