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Yes – it’s simple to use QuickDesk with a ROES-based LAB workflow.  In a recent update to QuickDesk, we added a ‘ROES’ button to the Session Configuration screen in the lower left. Clicking this will setup the Session Configuration options to work well with most ROES setups.  Specifically it will overwrite the original files with […]

It’s easy to integrate QuickDesk into your Netlife workflow using their Retouch Link software. Here’s how: 1) Make sure you have QuickDesk downloaded, installed, and activated. 2) In Netlife PhotoSuite, download the images via Retouch Link for editing 3) Your folder of images should be open: 4) Select the images or folder to edit.  Drag […]

Windows Firewall may be a reason for “License State Unknown” error message.  To fix this: Go to Network and Firewall Protection tab of the Windows Defender Security Center  Select the “Allow an app through firewall” option Then select “Change settings” and then “Allow another app” Add AppsManager and Perfectly Clear.  That should fix it.  The next […]

When you purchase QuickDesk, you get one fully licensed copy. If you’d like more copies of QuickDesk, please contact our sales team at or 

We offer two levels of support for RAW file processing in our “stand-alone” applications (those not run as plug-ins): 1) Full RAW editing support and 2) RAW data access. For both of these, support is provided by camera make and model – not by file extension like CR2, NEF, or DNG. Full RAW Editing support […]

Anyone looking to maximize their capacity for image correction while simultaneously boosting the quality of their photos. Photo labs, both consumer and pro-oriented, along with high-volume photographers need to implement an automated process that allows time for quick tweaks and supports artistic adjustments. QuickDesk is a robust production solution that will process 500 to 800 images […]

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