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This message indicates that either your free trial period has expired, or that your product license was deactivated. Many of our products have fully-functional trial periods, and once this trial period is over, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue to use it.  “Perfectly Clear” will continue to be usable forever in ‘Free Forever’ […]

This is usually caused by issues with your graphics card driver.  It might be out of date, malfunctioning, or not installed at all.  To solve this: Ensure your Windows or Mac OS is fully up to date Check for updated graphics drivers from your computer maker’s support site, or from the maker of your video […]

What is the Apps Manager? Our apps manager is a new tool that automatically lets you know when updates are available and one click to install. Also, you will find all the  Perfectly Clear products, including our core Plug-ins and preset packs.    How do I launch the Apps Manager? There are two ways:  Locate the […]

We sure do! Educational and Military Discounts Academic Discount Military Discount We’re pleased to offer students, teachers and military personnel a 40% discount when purchasing our Plug-ins. For U.S. colleges, universities and military, we have an automated verification system, so simply the buttons above to get your discount.   If you reside outside the US, then […]

There are two ways to get additional LOOKs and Preset Packs that work with our “version 3” plug-in: 1) Buying from our Apps Manager or 2) buying from our website. If you buy from the Apps Manager, then installation will happen automatically. You will also receive an email that contains a link to the installers […]

Short answer: probably 🙂 We support Photoshop CS6 and all Creative Cloud versions. This means that our installers will automatically find and install our plug-ins into these versions of Photoshop. You can manually install our PS plug-in into older versions of Photoshop to see if it will work there. This will most likely work with […]

All you need to do is reboot after installing, and that will make these error messages stop appearing. Our Windows installers will install our products and some required components from Microsoft. These components are also used by many other applications – and that means that other applications might be using these while our installers are […]

If you currently an owner of Perfectly Clear Complete V2, Perfect Eyes, Perfect Skin or LUCiD desktop, click here to find the best deals. 

In order to watch your video training, you’ll need a free Vimeo account. You can create this when you first click the link or sign in to your existing account. When you purchase the Hands-on course from us, we will send you an unique LINK to provide access to the courses. Click the link to […]

With Perfectly Clear Complete v3, it is now possible to use Perfectly Clear with Capture One.  Here’s how:  Highlight a photo in your library. Choose File > Edit with…. In the new dialog choose options for your file.  We recommend a TIFF file at 16-bit.  Use the sRGB color space or Adobe RGB color space. […]

To use Perfectly Clear with Apple Photos, you’ll need to install a third-party extension. Install the Open In – External editor support for Photo extension available in the Mac App Store.  Be sure to follow the instructions for installing and using the extension. ( After installing External Editor extension Double-click an image in your Photos library […]

It is now possible to use Perfectly Clear with Apple’s Aperture. First, you will need to change your preferences. Let’s get started!  Setup Choose Aperture > Preferences Click Export Tab In the External Photo Editor section, click Choose. Navigate to Applications > Athentech > PerfectlyClearComplete LR. Highlight the application and click Select. Choose a File Format […]

You can install the Perfectly Clear Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in software on 2 computers (any combination of Windows and Mac).

Perfectly Clear Complete works with any image that you can open in Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or Paintshop Pro. We support any 8- or 16-bit RGB image, and also work as a Smart Filter in Photoshop.

Absolutely (it’s one of the best reasons to use Perfectly Clear). You can create easy-to-use Photoshop actions or open multiple images in Lightroom. We even have a batch export command right in Lightroom to handle hundreds of images at once.

Absolutely. We have free phone, email, and web support teams standing by (plus free training, webinars, and newsletters).

Yes. You are in complete control of your preset library.      

Our new AppsManager is a great way to find new products, stay up to date with the products you already own, and it also simplifies the activation process. The AppsManager will download and install products that are securely hosted only on our servers, and all the installers for both Windows and Mac are digitally signed […]

Quite a lot! See details in here and a our some details in our online User Guide.

All the supported keyboard shortcuts are in our online User Guide.

Our “version 3” products use an ‘Apps Manager’ to download, install, update, and activate our products. So all you need to do is run the Apps Manager, then click ‘Install’ on the product you want to download. Some additional detail is in our online User Guide, for installing into host other host applications or other […]

We offer a lot of ways to learn more: You can read our User Manual online or by pressing the “Learn” button in the plug-ins Download a PDF of the User Manual Or, watch our training videos on our website Or, sign up to attend one of our live Webinars

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