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Our award-winning technology automatically corrects over 30 million prints per day, 11 billion per year. Here's how we can help your business save time and money, too.

Improving productivity for companies around the world.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide to automatically process 7 billion photos every year.


Investing, innovating and improving every year.

Our award-winning image correction technology is backed by powerful, proven science. Every year, we continue to innovate with R&D work by our brilliant team of physicists, engineers, and photographers. Every day, we’re committed to making your photos look their best. By licensing Perfectly Clear, you get access to world-class technology at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop, maintain, and continue to innovate. Our technology frees you to focus on delivering great service and the best picture quality in the marketplace.


Benefits for Your Business

1. Saving you time by streamlining your operations.

Our automatic corrections not only make your customers’ photos look their best, they reduce your editing time, streamline your operations, and free you to focus on more productive tasks.

“Perfectly Clear is the reason I can get done what I need to do. It’s increased the efficiency of our workflow by 50% which is a huge savings in production” — Julie-Ann Morris, Fotobridge, USA

“Feedback from our photo retailers, photo book producers and school photo operators using Perfectly Clear, can be summed up in two words: Increased efficiency and improved quality. This means our customers save time correcting images and deliver a consistent quality across all their products. Perfectly Clear is a simple technology that makes a lot of sense.” — Harri Olkinuora, Head of Sales & Marketing, Netlife AS, Norway

Labor savings calculator

2. Saving you money by reducing costly re-prints and increasing customer satisfaction.

“Perfectly Clear has saved us money by increasing the photo quality which has in turn reduced re-prints.” — Joe Crocenzi, Blurb, USA

“Hallmark Europe is correcting all photos automatically with Perfectly Clear for our Print On Demand service. This is a personalized service where you can create a custom card with your own image. Once we implemented Perfectly Clear, we significantly reduced customer complaints due to the higher quality of prints that we now generate, resulting in happier customers” — Olivier Meltzer, Hallmark, Europe

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3. Improving image consistency and quality.

“Maintaining the Fotoprix quality guarantee is a major goal for the Company. Perfectly Clear has enabled us to offer more consistent quality across a wide portfolio of customers and products without the need for manual editing.” — Robert González, FOTOPRIX, Spain

“We required an automatic correction that would provide consistent results across both HP Indigos and Fuji silver halide printers… and could seamlessly be implemented in this workflow. Perfectly Clear proved to be the right solution for the challenge” — PhotoCreate, Australia

4. Increasing potential for incremental revenue.

“Without Perfectly Clear customers are often discouraged by the poor quality of the photo and decide not to print. When Perfectly Clear is applied , the quality of their pictures have improved, and when the customer sees this upfront they want to order more.” — Jacek Bator, River. Poland & UK

“Our research over the past several years has shown that the Perfectly Clear science provides the best correction of electronically viewed digital files on all kind of computer screens. Therefore, it was only natural to include Perfectly Clear…this will help ensure optimal user experience and larger photo books on our digital presses” — Reiner Fageth, CTO, board member, Europe

“Photos that look their best increase the chance of orders and re-orders. Plus, increased photo choice often means increased volumes (Perfectly Clear can rescue memories). And happy customers with beautiful photo gifts means more repeat business!” — Taopix, UK

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5. Giving your product the competitive advantage.

A playful ‘Awesomize’ tool enhances with one touch. This button is like the Apple’s one-touch Enhance button, except more robust” — All Things D in reviewing Smugmug’s CameraAwesome where Perfectly Clear powers the awesome magic, USA

“We choose to use Perfectly Clear for 2 reasons: 1) image quality: We spent considerable time comparing the corrections of Perfectly Clear to other solutions on the market, and we decided on the excellent quality of Perfectly Clear. 2) Support. Athentech has been very responsive and fast to support us in our operations and also to continually invent new ideas for our Japanese market.” — Hideyuki Ohnishi, Operations Manager, Japan

The corrections that make every
photo Perfectly Clear

Businesses love the way corrections perfect photos automatically—but you’re in control of which corrections you run and how. You can use one of our pre-defined presets, or you can create your own custom look from these individual corrections

Perfectly Clear "Core"

1. Perfect Exposure
2. Color Vibrancy
3. Sharpening
4. Depth
5. Abnormal Tint Removal
6. Infrared Removal
7. Skin Depth Bias
8. Light Diffusion
9. Noise Removal
10. Full Color Spectrum


11. Auto Red-eye
12. Skin Smoothing
13. Blemish Removal
14. Dark Circle Removal
15. Shine Removal
16. Face Contouring
17. Catchlight
18. Eye Enhance
19. Eye Enlarge
20. Teeth Whitening
21. Blush
22. Lip Sharpening
23. Skin Toning (White, Pale, Tan, Warm, Foundation)

Enabling Technology


  • Face, blink and smile detection
  • Mobile Capture tools – HDR, Panorama, real time face tracking

Award Winning Technology


Try Workbench

Ready to see how the magic happens? Perfectly Clear’s Workbench testing tool lets you automatically correct your photos with our 1 touch presets, plus gives you the ability to fine tune your results to create your own unique look.

Download Workbench

Two ways to put Perfectly Clear
to work for you

1. License our technology directly into your workflow & products

Licensing gives you the most flexibility. Unlike hosted solutions, we provide you with an engine that you incorporate directly into your products and run locally. You can run our technology fully automatically in the back-end, or fully automatically upfront (showing the user the Perfectly Clear icon). Plus, you can give your customer the option of selecting the type of auto correction (preset) to apply. You can even reveal slider bars that allow further fine tuning.

We were using another automatic image correction solution, but it didn’t have the flexibility that Perfectly Clear offers. We really like the small size of the Perfectly Clear library, the ease and flexibility of implementation, and the beautiful results of the correction. We didn’t find this with any other offerings. — Pierre-Antoine Bataille, Vice President, MonAlbumPhoto, France

  • Our SDK is easy and fast to implement (average of 2 days).
  • Available for all platforms: mobile, web, desktop. We have native iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux libraries (can be run as a command line)
  • Small engine won’t increase the size of your mobile app or desktop download. Perfectly Clear core is only 861kb. With Beautify and Face Detection, it’s 2.8MB

View our SDK Docs

We offer excellent support to our B2B customers and we’re always here to help. If you have any questions, contact us and our team will get your problem solved quickly.


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2. Perfectly Clear LAB 5

Want to reduce your editing time by up to 85%?

A quick, easy solution to get up and running in minutes, Perfectly Clear LAB is our Windows hot-folder solution. Just download, install, and send images through.

  • Designed for fully automatic processing. No ability to view and fine-tune the corrections in real time.
  • $495/quarter, plus optional $150/quarter for .pdf processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Perfectly Clear LAB

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