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How to Register and Protect Your Images with the Library of Congress

Written by Robert Vanelli,  originally posted on   Recently I wrote “adding copyright information“—reminding us to update our copyright information for the New Year. This quick tip made sure we added our copyright information to every photo we imported into Lightroom. Our next step to protect our images is to register them with the […]

Our Furry Friends Say Thank you!

From all of us and our furry friends at Southeastern Guide Dogs, we wanted to say- THANK YOU! What better way to kickstart the year than knowing you’ve helped someone out. With your help, we were able to donate $5,000 to Southeastern guide dogs. This donation will help breed, raise and professionally train guide dogs […]

When to use your Camera’s Auto Mode

Written by Robert Vanelli,  originally posted on   While covering a water polo event, I noticed a mom holding her camera. I looked at her and she smiled and said I know, I know I’m holding it wrong. She then turned her hand and cupped the lens properly. She laughed and said she read […]

Live Webinar: The Business of Wedding Photography with Lisa Robinson

  Wedding photography is one of the most rewarding genres we can work in, and it’s also one of the most important and challenging. Besides making great pictures, however, you’ve also got to have a good business. Lisa Robinson, of Lovesome Photography, is a full-time wedding photographer who is not only going to show us […]

It’s OK to Crop by Robert Vanelli

Written by Robert Vanelli,  originally posted on As I was photographing a Cross Country race, we were hit by a heavy Florida rain storm. Luckily I had shelter under a tarp. I watched the high school kids performed like true athletes, they didn’t let rain or a mud filled track slow them down. I […]

Lightroom Live: Dive Into Adobe Stock with Terry White

Stock photography has long been the photographer’s ideal business model: we can make money on our pictures, and we don’t have to go sell them. What could be better? Well, Adobe has recently made selling stock even easier with a new platform and publication directly from Lightroom, and Terry White is joining us to show us […]

Live Webinar: Personal Projects with Matthew Jordan Smith

This Month: Personal Projects and Self-Assignments with Matthew Jordan Smith The best photographers get hired to shoot what they love to shoot, and they continue to love shooting throughout their lives. How do they do it? How do they get the great jobs and stay passionate? One big thing they do is to shoot personal projects […]

Lightroom Live: Maximizing Wacom Tools for Photos with Wes Maggio

  Mouses and trackpads are terrific tools…for the 20th century. Many creatives have found liberation by using a stylus and tablet with their computers. For photography work, nothing is more precise, accurate, and creative than using a stylus. Wacom makes the industry standard in touch tools for creatives. In this episode, Wacom Evangelist, Wes Maggio, […]

Live: Making Holiday Photo Gifts

  This Month: Making Holiday Photo Gifts It’s that time of year, again: holiday decor is going up everywhere, and your clients want to print photo cards–not to mention your own family calling for pictures from last summer’s reunion. But you can do so much more than make cards with your photographs. In this episode, Richard […]

$1 Donation to Southeastern Guide Dogs

We are so excited to partner up with our friends over at Southeastern Guide Dogs During our Black Friday Sale, a $1 for every purchase will go towards  veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and people with visual impairments. This holiday season spread the word to all your dog-loving friends—with your help we can make a difference. ABOUT […]