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Like you, we’re learning all the time. And this blog gives us a chance to pass along the latest news from the frontlines of photo correction. Every week, we’ll report on the trends that we see shaping the industry… as well as the very coolest customer stories.

Some believe photographers shouldn’t be seen nor heard during a shoot; they should blend into the background capturing candid shots. Others believe in order to get the shot, you cause a reaction to make it happen. With my outgoing personality, I tend to make the shot happen, but I also know the value of blending […]

This is a guest post by photographer and Photofocus author Susan Kanfer. There is no shortage of waterfalls and cascades in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. So when the days were dull, foggy and rainy on my recent trip to the U.P we photographed waterfalls and nearby cascades. Not only did I come home with lots […]

This is a guest post from Levi Sim. Every time you make portraits you should make one shot that pushes your limits or gives you a little thrill. The client may not like it, but it will help fill your soul. I usually use one light from the front to make portraits, but it’s amazing […]

We have all seen beautiful portraits ruined by aggressive retouching. How can we tell if a portrait crosses the abusive retouching line? It’s simple, if the person’s own mother doesn’t recognize them, you’ve gone too far. Thankfully there are many retouching programs that help us achieve pleasing results. My ally in the retouching battle is […]

Sometimes, we want to shoot outdoors! Here are 3 simple tips to help you create a beautiful outdoor portrait. Tip 1: Making sure you have light You can’t take a good portrait without light. The easiest light to work with is natural light, but shooting in direct sunlight usually produces harsh and unflattering photos. Here’s […]

This is a guest post by professional photographer Robert Vanelli Using a fog machine indoors—especially in a small, unvented room—can be challenging. The fog can sometimes linger too long or move in front of your subject, causing a hazy image. Here’s how to control fog using a neat little product called Atmosphere Aerosol, AKA Fog […]

This is a guest post by professional photographer Jason Hahn. In photography, few questions have the power to trip people up as those which seek answers to the concepts of “style” and “specialty”. Student: “What is my style? What is your style? Should I specialize? Should I specialize in a style? I would like to […]

When it comes time to edit your video or photos, the hard drives you use are going to have a huge impact on the performance of your system. No matter how much RAM you have or how powerful of a video card, you just won’t get real-time performance if your drives are a bottleneck. Important […]

This is a guest post from professional photographer Robert Vanelli. There are many factors to consider in deciding if you should be a second shooter for another photographer at an event. Here’s how to avoid damaging a friendship or a business relationship. 1. Don’t talk directly to the client All communications should begin with the […]

Nothing distracts from a good photo more than a crooked image.  You know the kind… where the image seems to be leaning to the left and right.  Sure, maybe that’s by design… but often it’s just because of being careless.  We’d like to offer you several ways to avoid this amateur mistake. Check your tripod. […]

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