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Like you, we’re learning all the time. And this blog gives us a chance to pass along the latest news from the frontlines of photo correction. Every week, we’ll report on the trends that we see shaping the industry… as well as the very coolest customer stories.

Be in Complete Control with Finishing Tools

We’ve got two important options at the end of your imaging pipeline (also known as the last steps in the control area in Perfectly Clear). You’ve probably already discovered LOOKs where you can easily add a quick color grade or film stock simulation to your image. Right below that, you’ll find the new Finishing Tools. […]

Experiment Freely — We’ve Got Undo & Redo Buttons

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.  One request we’ve heard for a long time is that it would sure be great to have an undo button.  Well, your wish is granted.  Now you can easily try out adjustments, LOOKs, and presets without ever losing your place. Undo/Redo is Easy Perfectly Clear makes it easy […]

RAW + Perfectly Clear = A Perfect Match

  For the ultimate in photographic control and dynamic range, photographers have shot RAW files for many years.  These native camera formats are superior to JPEG files in many ways including less compression, more color information, and a wider dynamic range.  Often a crushed shadow or a clipped highlight (such as clouds) can be recovered. […]

Perfectly Clear for Adobe Users

With Adobe’s recent announcements about Lightroom, we wanted to take a moment and explain how Perfectly Clear fits into an Adobe users workflow.  Ultimately it comes down to how you work (or don’t work) with Adobe tools. I am a Creative Cloud plan member I use a “boxed” version of Lightroom I am curious about […]

Introducing Perfectly Clear 3.5

We’re super excited to announce a major update to Perfectly Clear— Version 3.5. Whether you’re using Perfectly Clear Complete or Perfectly Clear Essentials, we have some big improvements to make your photo workflow even better. Perfectly Clear is Now A Stand-Alone Application!  We want as many photographers as possible to use Perfectly Clear… so we’ve […]

Hurricane and Forest Fire Relief Effort

At Athentech, we believe in giving back to those in need.  That’s why from now until October 31 we’re making a donation to the American Red Cross.  For each copy of Perfectly Clear Complete or Essentials you buy, we’ll donate $5.  Every 8 minutes the American Red Cross responds to an emergency. Stay Safe During […]

How to Rescue Exposure Problems

We hope you love our Perfect Exposure technology as much we do.  It’s great to analyze images and unlock the right exposure in every pixel.  But some photos need a little extra love before we can work our magic. Image Ambulance to the Rescue If a photo is in really bad shape, then Image Ambulance […]

Unlock Creative Images with LOOKs

We built an amazing tool into Perfectly Clear and we’d like you to take a look… at LOOKs! If you’ve wanted to add creative stylizing to your images in Perfectly Clear it’s never been easier. LOOKs are unique to Perfectly Clear and they are world’s better than presets in other apps. What Makes a LOOK? […]

Perfectly Clear is Up to Date – Check Out 3.2

We just shipped a free update that makes Perfectly Clear even better. In fact, this is our sixth update so far this year!  We want Perfectly Clear to be rock solid and a key part of your image pipeline. How to Update To update Perfectly Clear Complete or Perfectly Clear Essentials you’ll need to use […]

5 Simple Lighting Tips for Better Food Photography

This is a guest post by Photofocus writer Vanelli.  Click to see more of his articles. While I was at a photography conference, I ran into my good friend, Lou Manna. Lou’s award-winning photographs have appeared in over 40 cookbooks, in marketing campaigns for Kraft Foods, Dannon and the Culinary Institute of America, as well […]

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