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Like you, we’re learning all the time. And this blog gives us a chance to pass along the latest news from the frontlines of photo correction. Every week, we’ll report on the trends that we see shaping the industry… as well as the very coolest customer stories.

This is a guest post by professional photographer Jason Hahn. In photography, few questions have the power to trip people up as those which seek answers to the concepts of “style” and “specialty”. Student: “What is my style? What is your style? Should I specialize? Should I specialize in a style? I would like to […]

When it comes time to edit your video or photos, the hard drives you use are going to have a huge impact on the performance of your system. No matter how much RAM you have or how powerful of a video card, you just won’t get real-time performance if your drives are a bottleneck. Important […]

This is a guest post from professional photographer Robert Vanelli. There are many factors to consider in deciding if you should be a second shooter for another photographer at an event. Here’s how to avoid damaging a friendship or a business relationship. 1. Don’t talk directly to the client All communications should begin with the […]

Nothing distracts from a good photo more than a crooked image.  You know the kind… where the image seems to be leaning to the left and right.  Sure, maybe that’s by design… but often it’s just because of being careless.  We’d like to offer you several ways to avoid this amateur mistake. Check your tripod. […]

We’re sure you have heard by now that Adobe has just released its final stand-alone version of Lightroom. After this release, any updates and upgrades will have to be made on its subscription. So, What Does This Mean? For starters, it means you will no longer be able to update Lightroom as a stand-alone application. […]

Join us for a closer look at Perfectly Clear QuickDesk. The perfect solution for small photo finishers and photographers that want to preview every image. Photos are automatically corrected and displayed in a beautiful and user-friendly interface so you can quickly view and approve, or if desired, quickly and easily fine tune. Quickdesk works both […]

We hope you love our new Visual Presets and LOOKs technology that makes it super easy to see exactly what your image can look like with just one click.  We’ve got a HUGE library that can supercharge Perfectly Clear. Perfectly Clear Power Pack Get a bundle with ALL Presets and LOOKs for one low price […]

We’d like to wish you happy holidays… and the gift of great photos.  We’ve whipped up a free pack of six holidays inspired presets to make the season bright (and sharp, and noise free). Crisp Snow — Sharpens details and remove tint for white crisp winter scenes. Warm Candlelight — A warm gentle glow for candlelit images. […]

Are you interested in landscape and nature photography? Join expert Jason Hahn as he showcases practical shooting techniques and essential postproduction tips.  This free workshop will help you create dramatic landscape photos that are ready to print. Plus you’ll learn how to create compelling portraits of animals too. Webinar Info Date: Thursday, December 28 Time: 3 […]

This is a guest post by Erika Thorness The other day, I was watching a family take photos in front of a Christmas tree. They were standing directly in front of it. I realized that with a bit of practice, and knowledge, we can really use the lights in the tree to our advantage, and […]

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