Perfect Eyes

The perfect plug-in to enhance the eyes of your subject.


Perfect Eyes for Photoshop and Lightroom provides eight great presets and precise controls to help you automatically remove dark circles and red-eye,  add catchlights, sharpen details, enhance and even enlarge the eyes. Spend less time editing and have more time behind your camera.


The eyes are the mirror to the soul, and with “Perfect Eyes” your subjects will shine better than ever in your photographs.”Matthew Jordan Smith

Why Use Perfect Eyes?

  • Automatic Adjustments

    Automatic Adjustments

    No time consuming edits! We use advanced face, gender, and age detection to save you time.

  • Professional Presets

    Professional Presets

    Designed with input from top pros to make eyes look their best.

  • Remove Dark Circles

    Remove Dark Circles

    A natural way to preserve the skin but remove unattractive shadows.

  • Add Catchlights

    Add Catchlights

    Choose from five great highlights that you can add to the eye.

  • Remove Squint

    Remove Squint

    Gently open eyes that are squinting or look tired.

  • Plug-in support

    Plug-in support

    Use as a plug-in in Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel PaintShop Pro.

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$49 USD

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